August Lohse

Ph.D Student in Social Data Science at University of Copenhagen

About me

I am a Ph.D. fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark located at The Center for Social Data Science, known as SODAS. Currently, I am working on the I work on the DISTRACT project, where I study the dynamics of political attention in Denmark. I specialize in studying the social world, using unstructured data such as images, text, or biometric data using modern computational methods such as deep learning, NLP, and network analysis.

Academically I am interested in mapping the so-called attention economy. I want to understand who gets to decide what issue gets allocated political attention in our society. To this end, I am interested in what kind of actors or tactics can drive an agenda or divert attention away from other agendas.
I am very interested in the new application of computational methods in the study of social science phenomena. Some main interests in this lane are deep learning, NLP, images as data, network analysis, and exploratory culture analysis using word embeddings.

I have a background in quantitative political science from the University of Copenhagen, with a mix of econometrics and data science added in.

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