August Lohse

Ph.D Student in Social Data Science at University of Copenhagen

IC2S2 Tutorial – Image as Data


This is a landing page for the IC2S2 2023 Tutorial: Image as Data.

The tutorial will be hosted by me (August Lohse) and Simon Polichinel von der Maase,

The tutorial will be held on the 17th of July at 13:30 in the Mærsk Tower. It will be held in Room D (Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium) but also streamed in Room G (Classroom 13.1.63+83).

The tutorial consists of a Google Colab notebook with coding exercises as well as reading materials and links to research. Participants only need their laptop, an internet connection, and a Google account to participate. If participants have access to a GPU, they can also work locally.

Link to material

When ready the links to both exercise materials, solutions and GitHub will show up here

Tutorial link:
Solution link:


In this tutorial, we will introduce participants to working with images as data in a computational social science setting. The tutorial will cover a range of subjects, including importing images into Python, utilizing pre-trained deep-learning models for image labeling, creating custom neural networks, and handling large datasets of images. Through hands-on coding exercises and the creation of their own models, attendees will gain practical experience and technical skills. The tutorial will also introduce participants to the vast potential of using images as data through the exploration of cutting-edge computational social science research and will showcase a selection of excellent research in this field. By the end of the tutorial, attendees will be both inspired and ready to pursue their own research questions involving images as data.


August Lohse


Simon Polichinel von der Maase